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5.0 out of 5 stars

~~~5 stars   Anxious? Depressed? Angry? Addicted? Codependent? Read this.

By Julie A. Levin on January 2, 2016

I found Steve on LinkedIn a while back and began reading his blog. He is so good at putting therapy into words, I could not wait for this book to come out. I was not disappointed. As a therapist, I will be recommending this book to all of my clients. As a human being recovering from my own control addiction, I will refer to it often. And as writer, I will aspire to Steve’s clarity, organization, brevity and humor.

We are all addicted to control. This book explains why and offers effective tools for letting go and trusting that everything will be okay, even though we’re not in charge.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

~~~5 stars    A mind opener

LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Well written, concise and very insightful. Think anyone would benefit from reading it – and it’s very easy to read.

Really glad I found Steve’s blog, and grateful he put all his thoughts together in book form.
If I could, would give Monkeytraps more stars than five!!!
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Finished it in one sitting on my Kindle. It’s very insightful, easy to read and has great analogies you can quite simply visualise. Gets to the point in a very matter of fact way, which is easy to process.
I subscribe to the blog and get bite size nuggets via email – but finishing the book in one sitting really gave me a great overview and a more in-depth way to look at myself and situations.
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“Monkeytraps” presents the issue of control in an appealing, approachable, and reader friendly format. Short chapters explain one concept at a time.

The book begins by explaining how control addiction often develops in childhood, especially for those of us who grew up in dysfunctional families. Middle chapters focus on how control creates conflict in our adult lives and in our relationships. Final chapters offer healthier alternatives to control.

Written in a direct and down to earth voice and peppered with personal anecdotes, “Monkeytraps” is an easy and enlightening read. A must for anyone wishing to free their inner monkey and quiet the chatter of their monkey mind.

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By sail on on December 22, 2015

 Steve/Bert really drills down to the one “addiction” we can all associate with (unless you’re in denial). Control.

Speaking for myself; I have always wanted what I want and when I wanted it. But how can we control anything? To a large extent we can’t; we’re really mostly powerless, which leads to so many of societies and individuals social, financial, sexual, etc…… problems.

This book will not solve these issues or your own compulsive and controlling behavior. It will, however, make you keenly aware of where humans (not monkeys) are using such behavior. Once you are aware….


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“Nothing Like Calming The Control Monkeys In Your Head!”
Was happy to receive a copy of the e-book from the author, Steve Hauptman for an Honest Review.

I am also a person who lives life in recovery from addiction. I can tell you that after reading this fine authors e-book, I now know I was also addicted to “Control.” But this book is not just for those in recovery. It is for everyone.

What an amazing guide, resource and wonderful read on how to grab hold of control and remove it from your life. Steve did a fantastic job with writing this book. And of course, I loved the humor and wit in making light of just how bad this behavior is, and how it invades every part of our lives. In our relationships, co-workers, spouses, family, etc.

Steve clearly lays out how to remove control out of your life, and shows just how much “negativity” surrounds this behavior. If you want a more peaceful and happy life? I highly recommend everyone to read this amazing book! When I entered recovery, the first thing we are taught is: “we have no CONTROL over people, places, and things, and our recovery journey will be more smooth if we let go of control.”

Funny, I have a list made already of those I will be recommending this book to!  LOL.

A 5-Star read worth your time!
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Other customer comments:

Steve cuts to the chase. The need to control and the suppression of feelings is toxic emotionally and physically. I’ve read countless self-help books. Monkeytraps spoke to me.  


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This book is for any person who wants to Wake Up!  At any moment, any day, open the book and set yourself free from patterns of dysfunctional living. 

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 A brilliant piece of work.  I recommend this book for anyone who counsels couples or individual and also for anyone looking for insight into behavior issues.